Always reblog this. A lot of the animals they kill (and they kill over 95% of the animals they take in at their Virginia Headquarters) are killed within 24 hours. Not nearly enough time to deem whether an animal is adoptable or not. They even bought a giant fridge to store the corpses!

       PETA is a corporation. Not a charity.  Less than 1% of their 32 Million+ annual budget actually goes to directly helping animals. Most of it is spent making sexist/racist/ domestic abuse supporting commercials that won’t even air on television, giving bail outs to convicted arsonists and criminals, hiring/supporting any celebrity that claims to be vegetarian for five minutes, creating campaigns to target children (“Your mom kills animals”), fruitless lawsuits like suing Sea World for violating the constitution, and most recently, making porn. I’m not against porn, but I fail to see how it fucking helps animals. 

PETA does not give a shit about animals.

I’m about to cry

Always reblog. A lot of people don’t know this side of PETA.


I remember seeing the mind bogglingly dreadful ad they made in which a badly bruised young woman reveals her injuries are from the SUPERPOWERED SPERM from her vegan boyfriend.  The implications were both hilariously illogical, horrifically misogynistic and an insult to vegans - no, an insult to sentient creatures everywhere. 

I did a bit of research into this “charity”, (because at first I seriously thought they were taking the piss, and it was a poorly thought out “gag” commercial - alas, it was not.) and yeah, they DO slaughter any creature they get their claws into.  Their excuse is that they just can’t trust us horrible humans with the poor little dears and the only option, apparently, is to kill them and dump their corpses in a freezer. 

Rehabilitating them and finding a good loving home where they can have a long, happy life is apparently furthering the Ebil Animal Murdering Human Agenda.

I wouldn’t give them the stream of my piss.


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